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Nicola Croce

Product Manager, AI @ Synthesia
5+ years of experince in AI Products and Robotics
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AI Product Manager at Synthesia (London): a London-based startup ($90M Series C, Unicorn 🦄) building a Generative AI-based video content creation platform.

Previously, Product Manager at Autonomous Driving startups across Silicon Valley and London (Wayve and Deepen AI)

Former co-Founder of Tactile Robots, an Italian startup designing artisanal autonomous indoor delivery robots for the HORECA sector.

Experience supporting tech founders. I led the setup of the first founders program for ex Googlers in Palo Alto, CA: including structuring programs to give them support through coaching from top-tier investors and mentorships from unicorn founders.

Passionate about science and technology

Eager to help motivated tech founders and working professionals around AI Product Management and career progression whenever I can.


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