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Ramya Priya Guntipalli

 United States of America

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Data Scientist level 2 - Standard Insurance

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Hi, I am Ramya, a Data Scientist with 2+ years and an overall 7+ years of expertise in software programming and data analytics. I specialize in Business Intelligence and Analytics with domain expertise in Retail and Insurance.

Data science is a very vast area and it requires diverse skills such as programming, mathematics, statistics, data engineering, Business domain expertise, and communication skills. I am here to assist and guide junior data scientists, data analysts, software programmers, and BI analysts to elevate their career as a successful data scientist.

I will be sharing real world use cases that will help you understand concepts like data wrangling, data visualizations, machine learning and data engineering techniques.

Currently, I use Python, R, for data cleansing, data visualizations, and machine learning algorithms and Azure platform for data engineering.

Looking to forward to helping you and sharing my industry expertise.

"Knowledge is power, never stop learning"!!

Good Advice. She has been responsive & seems very interested in helping me. Overall very happy.

Testimonial by Steven from June 2020
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