Abhishek Jaiswal

Senior Product Manager @ Zalora
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I am a problem solver by training (Computer science) and found my calling in building useful stuff. From there, I learnt I love helping others grow in their career.

I am here to help people looking to
- Find their way into product management - resume review, upskilling, negotiation.
- Accelerate their PM career path,
- learn about product management in hardware/IoT/Platform as a service/Loyalty/Engagements
- Learn to work effectively with stakeholders in a complex environment, and push forward when things are falling apart
- Adapt PM role for remote work to drive high impact with maximum efficiency
- Dealing with imposter syndrome.

I am a firm believer in taking one step at a time to be better than yesterday. As someone who transitioned from a product developer to a product manager, I know the first-hand challenges of breaking into and surviving in the role.

So far, I have helped companies launch & scale their products that involved -
- Avoid business wastage by focusing on real customer problems and not just mindlessly shipping features.
- Built real-time data pipelines using state of the art platforms powering the business intelligence to understand their customer better.
- Oversaw product roadmap, requirements, UX research, design & POC development for next-generation hardware IoT powered product.
- Building 0 to 1 products, be it either platform as a service or loyalty program for a major e-commerce player.

I strongly believe in building the product right rather than the right product in one go.

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