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Ajay Shah

Senior Product Designer @ Otta
6+ years of experience in Product Design with a focus on early-stage startups and strategic thinking
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I'm Ajay, a Senior Product Designer based in London. I have 6 years of experience across 3 companies.

I started my career at Deloitte, consulting as a Product Designer for a range of companies across the public and private sectors. I then moved to Gousto - a late stage startup - where I worked on the sign-up experience. And I currently work at Otta - an early stage startup - who are on a mission to help candidates find a fulfilling job in tech.

My experience at Otta puts me in a great position to mentor aspiring, junior and mid-level designers. Not only do I have experience hiring myself, but I spend a lot of time speaking with both hiring managers and candidates. This means I understand how to build an effective CV and portfolio, how to prepare for interviews and how to optimise your job search.

I also have experience working in a range of companies, each with different challenges. So I'm confident I can help you with day-to-day challenges too.

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