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Founder @ Hike Consulting
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In the past 20 years I have been an avid explorer of the world and myself. An MBA from Harvard Business School, I have been in Latin America’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for more than a decade, starting off by launching Easy Taxi in Malaysia back in 2012/13. My analytical and strategic-thinking toolkit was refined at McKinsey & Company, which was a platform to entrepreneurial roles at Kaszek Ventures and iFood. As iFood’s Chief Strategist I helped the company craft and execute its short and long-term strategy against aggressive competition and raise $500M in 2018, by then the largest private round in Latam. In 2019 I joined Global Founders Capital as a Partner, co-leading Latam and opening investments in Mexico and Colombia. In 4 years we deployed north of $200M in 80 companies across Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Some investments and board memberships: Trybe, Bold, Flash, Nomad, Nilo, Swap, Clara, Gringo, Medway, Wonder Brands and several others.

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