Amit Roy

Product Management Leader @ Cisco Systems Inc.
Seasoned Product Leader, Mentor to Startups Founders/Co-founders
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As a product leader, I am passionate about building SaaS products for B2B customers that deliver value, quality, and convenience. I have worked in the IT industry for over 16 years, with roles spanning product management, service delivery, program management, and business development. I have a strong educational background with an Executive MBA from IMD Business School in Switzerland and an Engineering degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Dr MGR University in India.

In my current role, I owned and launched multiple B2B products crucial to recurring revenue growth and market penetration. I lead cross-functional teams through successful product release cycles, driving double-digit user adoption growth and customer satisfaction. I also own the monetisation and pricing strategies for multiple products, ensuring optimal profitability and scalability.

I enjoy working with engineers, designers, user researchers, data scientists, and end users to create AI-centric innovation that solves real-world problems and creates a positive impact. I have mentored multiple startups founders/co-founders in various stages of their startup lifecycle in driving growth, and helped in successfully pitching to VCs to raise capital.

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