Ankit Kumar

Sr Product Manager @ Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt Ltd
United States of America Active 9 months ago


$20 / month

100% donated to charity

I am looking to help genuine people with low income/non profits on a pro-bono basis

Regular calls, per agreement

Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 2 days

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Currently working as a Senior Product Manager at Sattva. As technology Product Manager, working in an interesting domain of social consulting and technology! Interested and enthusiastic about technology and its high potential of scaled impact in society. In past 3+ years I have worked on multiple web and mobile applications, especially from 0 to 1 stage of product cycles.
Mentoring exercises have been organic for me throughout my career, volunteering experiences with my colleagues and friends. I love listening and connecting with people and helping them with their questions about various aspects of their career and life challenges.


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