Anup Hirani

VP of Product @ Eagle Genomics
Executive Product Leader With Background in SaaS Platforms and Product Innovation.
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With 11+ years of experience in SaaS and B2B platforms, I am a passionate executive leader in the Life Sciences software industry. As the VP of Product at Eagle Genomics, I lead the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for a cloud-based data and insight generation software platform that enables scientists to address grand research problems in health, wellness, sustainability, and biodiversity.

I have a proven track record of delivering customer-centric and purposeful technology products to large enterprises globally, as well as building and managing multidisciplinary product teams in high growth environments. I also leverage my expertise and network to mentor and advise startups and professionals in the FemTech and other tech sectors, with a focus on innovation, strategy, and diversity and inclusion. I am driven by the mission of unlocking radical innovation and creating a fairer and better world through software.

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