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Arun Varghese

Data Science Manager @ Coursera
8+ yrs working in Data Science and Data Science management
United States of America Active last month Usually responds in a few hours


$200 / month

Best suited for early career data science professionals.

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8+ yrs working in Data Science. Transitioned to data science from an economics background. Ex-Amazon, most recently a Data Science manager at Coursera. Skilled at deriving insights from data to drive business decisions.

Passionate about teaching, learning and helping others grow. I'm eager to hear about you and how you want to grow your career and skills.

Here are a few things I can help with:
- Transitioning into Data Science
- Resume review
- Interview practice
- Planning your data science career path
- Technical feedback on a project
- Feedback on presentation and communication of technical work
- Advice on working w/ management, peers, cross-functional stakeholders

Please reach out via email!

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