Basil Aishi

VP of Engineering @ DataStealth
Engineering leader / rose through the ranks to influencing and leading high value projects and organizations
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Coaching engineers to grow into management, senior management and influential positions.

About me:
I am an accomplished technology professional with a wide-ranging skill set and extensive expertise across various domains, including Software Development and Architecture, Design Patterns, Clean Code, Automation, Financial Technology, Payments, Data Engineering, ETL, Business Intelligence, Information Security, Project Management, Human Computer Interaction, and IT Administration.

Throughout my career, I have assumed diverse roles such as VP of Engineering, Engineering Director, Engineering Manager, Technology Leader, Consultant, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Administrator, Business Analyst, Software Architect, among others. These experiences have equipped me with the essential knowledge, expertise, and competencies to effectively oversee and successfully deliver complex, multidisciplinary technology projects.

Additionally, I'm an experienced Engineering leader, with a proven track record of leading and directing multiple development teams. My leadership style is characterized by strategic alignment, modernization initiatives, architectural leadership, and fostering a culture of innovation. I possess an exceptional ability to optimize systems, reduce costs, and establish key vendor relationships, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

As a strong communicator, I maintain a direct channel to executive teams, actively participating in strategic decision-making processes. My proficiency extends to implementing OKR frameworks to align teams and enhance productivity, ensuring that all efforts are in sync with the organization's strategic goals.

Furthermore, I am deeply passionate about Human Computer Interaction, continuously researching and exploring this field. I have a unique talent for comprehending diverse business requirements and translating them into successful technical outcomes.

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3 months

I reached out to Basil to help fuide me to a lead or principal software role. Basil has a wealth of experience in multiple tech stacks. He performed multiple technical interviews. We were able to update my resume to reflect my leadership experience. We created a game plan and were able to execute it successfully. I have received an offer and should receive at least one more shortly. It was a good experience and helped me take positive steps forward as opposed to continuing to spin my wheels.

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