Ben Hughes

Hybrid/Remote Leadership Expert | Director of Content @ Formerly Blinkist
Leader with a decade of experience in hybrid work, content, and New Work.
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If any of the following apply to you, I have a decade of experience that can help you succeed.

-You lead or work in a content, tech or startup organization of any kind?
-You lead in a hybrid or remote setting, or want to ensure that the team succeeds in either of those settings?
-In your leadership, you want to embrace new work practices like self-management and the ability for everyone to show up to work as their whole selves?

I spent a decade building and leading the world-class content team at Blinkist in a hybrid, mostly remote setting. Together, we created content products enjoyed by millions of users around the world. We built tremendous trust and psychological safety, despite the hybrid setting, and this unlocked consistent great performance, with almost no staff turnover over ten years in a team that grew to 20 people. We never settled for the traditional way of doing things, embracing self-management and experimenting with our own organizational operating system.

I've also co-authored a book on the future of teams and organizations called the Loop Approach, published by Chicago University Press in the US.

I'd be happy to go on a journey with you to help you reach your full potential 😊

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