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Bernardo Alecrim

Senior Software Engineer @ Revolut
Spain Active 2 months ago


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Hey there! I'm Bernardo, a seasoned software engineer based in the Barcelona. With a rich set of experiences spanning over 7 years, I've immersed myself in the realms of financial technology and award-winning consumer applications. My journey has been exhilarating and I'd like to give back and help guide the next generation (that's you!).

I've tinkered with everything from embedded development platforms, backend engineering to cryptographic authentication schemes but focused mostly on the development of rich user application on iOS with Swift througout my career - I've had the privilege of working with tons of interesting technologies, such as AVFoundation and CoreLocation to build unique experiences - that has led to one the apps I developed, Supr, winning some App Store awards (namely, being promoted as App of The Day several times and being named one of Apple's "21 apps for 2021").

I've also been responsible for hiring and mentoring amazing teams that have alumni working everywhere from Squarespace to Uber and some folks that are on deep-tech startups building revolutionary tech. I can help you both with technical and non-technical mentorship to help you reach your goals. If you're looking for a job, I can help you review your resume and make sure you impress hiring managers at a first glance :)

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