Boris Zaikin

Senior Cloud and Software Architect @ IBM, Nordcloud
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Cloud and software architecture theory and hands-on consultation. Cloud certifications preparation.

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I'm a Certified Software and Cloud Architect who has solid experience designing and developing complex solutions based on the Azure, Google, and AWS clouds. I have expertise in building distributed systems and frameworks based on Kubernetes, Azure Service Fabric, IoT Edge, and other technologies. (Find out more in

I'm a technical Author and Journalist. My Articles and Courses have over 100,000+ page views a month on:

- Medium

Areas of my interest include:
- API design
- Enterprise cloud solutions
- Edge computing
- High-Load applications
- Multitenant distributed systems
- Quantum computing
- IoT solutions
- Microservices

I'm the founder of Quantum Space, where I share the latest news and articles on this topic. The mission of space is a popularization of Quantum Computing. (

My mission is to share my knowledge with other People and popularization of Computer Science.

My main hobby is drums, alongside stand-up paddling, surfing, learning new things, and doing hands-on work.

Sometimes Boris uses his drums to support Python Munich and other tech communities :)


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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
4 months

Very helpful so far from Boris, will provide more as and when we progress - thanks



5 out of 5 stars


Great session! It was a pleasure to talk with Boris.

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