Brett Carter

CEO @ Goodeye Technologies Inc.
Canada Active last month


I am an entrepreneur, designer, and sales expert with close to 10 years of experience propelling growth for new companies in various industries. Starting my first company at the age of 18, I have consistently shattered records and broken boundaries. As the Founder and Operator of InTune Guitar, I combined my extensive relationship building, operations and management skills to drive gains in revenue, market share and profit margins. I have consistently developed and communicated clear and strategic sales visions, managed sales lifecycles, generating new leads, and personally closed deals across North America. At Goodeye Technologies, I am the Founder, President and CEO.

Mentoring is all about helping others achieve their full potential, and I believe that my ability to translate complex problems into simple solutions, as well as my ability to mirror the very approachable and driven CEO persona from the top-down, aid me in achieving outstanding results across the board. My ability to analyze information and create actionable solutions and my desire to continue to improve myself as a leader every day are attributes essential to my constant growth and the main reason people come to me to deliver solutions. I also hold certifications in strategic management from Copenhagen Business School and market analytics from The Wharton School.

With the belief that success depends wholly on the decisions we make, I enjoy empowering people to solve complex client issues in real time and enjoy applying my knowledge of the sales process to the solutions I develop. I am committed to working hard, dedicating myself completely to achieving success no matter the obstacle, and pride myself on my courage, integrity and confidence in my ability to achieve great things for the company and hold the unwavering belief in service-oriented and customer-centric values which every brand must uphold to be successful- from ideation to design to prototype to scale up.


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