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Anthony Agbator 

Frontend Developer / UI and UX Designer - Andela
💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos 🏆 Projects & Challenges 📞 1-on-1 Calls  (1x/mo) 🛎 Hands-On Support

I'm a Front-end engineer and UI designer, I am passionate about creating intuitive and engaging interfaces with emphasis on aesthetics, user experience, and optimization.

My Development stack includes:
Html, CSS, Saas, javascript, JQuery, Angular and React JS (Next JS, Redux, Redux-Saga)

For Graphics / Motion Design:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Corel Draw, Canva, Indesign, Autodesk Maya

UI/UX Designer, ( Figma, Invision, Zeplin, Marvel, Balsamiq, Sketch, Figma, Adobe Suite ( AE, Adobe Illustrator, PR, PS, ID, Adobe XD )

Design Frontenddesignuiux
7 Day Trial Nigeria Nigeria

$110 per month

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5 spots available

Kevin Lewis 

Digital & Print Designer -
💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos 📞 1-on-1 Calls

I have experience teaching and mentoring on both Macintosh and PC, and have been helping others for more than 15 years. I can help novices become advanced, and advanced become expert. I like to help. Plus, I have an enchanted fedora that allows the wearer to speak design language, technical jargon, and even some English, simultaneously!

Design PhotoshopInDesignDreamweaver
7 Day Trial

$100 per month

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