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Francisco De Pablo  New Mentor

Data Scientist - LivePanel
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I am a Data Scientist with a background in Economics, with extensive experience in Teaching, Research, and problem-solving. My daily job is to apply data science tools to detect user behavior patterns, as well as to make processes as resource-efficient as possible. In my free time, I dedicate myself to doing research on Sports Economics, a branch in which I have registered my own algorithm that determines the risk rate of sports abandonment.
I have recently been awarded by the Softbank Group with the award for the best Argentine Data ...

Engineering & Data Exploratory Data AnalysisMachine LearningPythonEconomicsModel design
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Francisco Depascuali 

Software Engineer - Brubank
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Hey there! I'm a Software engineer from Argentina that lived in Mexico (3 years) and Austria (1 year).
I graduated from ITBA (Instituto TecnolΓ³gico de Buenos Aires) with a degree in Software Engineering and made further studies (m.s. in Software Engineering) in UAS Technikum Wien (Vienna, Austria).

Right now, I’m focused on iOS development, as I highly enjoy the UX and the challenges of building mobile apps. iOS development opened a lot of opportunities for me: I got related with the developers communities (Swift Meetup, NSConf) and gave ...

Engineering & Data iOSSwiftPythonReact Native
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