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Rachit Kumar Agrawal

Senior Lead Engineer - Qualcomm

I am a learning enthusiast from the heart. It's been around 8 years in the corporate world after my Post Graduation but I have worked in multiple fields till now - Computer Security, Bio-Informatics, Computer Architecture, Graphics Hardware, Memory Sub-systems and now Deep Learning. Any field that is challenging and I feel I can learn a lot while working in that, I take on that work. I also love to get hands on and love to code whenever I get time.

Based on my experience in different domains, you can expect to get any help from in the above field specifically in Graphics Architecture, Memory sub-systems and Deep Learning. Deep Learning is my new found love. I am still relatively new in this field but since it's my regular job, I feel I am learning new things at a decent rate. Feel free to reach out to me.

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