Caroline Mitten

Director @ Intisar Group
Leadership & Executive Coach, Career & Mindset Coach, Strategy & Innovation, Get more out of life & business
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People and connections are central to everything I do. Your time is precious - so it's vital you work with a mentor that aligns with your needs and style, while helping you move effectively towards your business and/or personal goals. Whether we work together for 1 month, 1 year or more, my sole objective is to help you tread more lightly so you can enjoy the experience of whatever your work entails. My only rule is not to take yourself too seriously, and I'll try not to do the same either!

I'm a working parent juggling a full time Senior Leadership role, a couple of expanding side projects, 2 kids, a home, a rather needy dog and everything else in between. I get it - the pressures of trying to land all the planes - happy to talk about it if it's relevant or disregard if not. My commitment to you is to hold the time for you that we agree on.

Integrity, humility and action are my core values and am a huge advocate for coaching and mentoring. None of us are immune from challenges and obstacles, I continue to leverage my own network or coaches and mentors and am looking forward to working with a select number of mentees to help them show up fully in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you if you think I'll be a good match and have listed my industry and business experience to help decide if I'm right.

Industry / Business Experience
- SaaS
- Customer Success
- Delivery
- Lean Six Sigma
- Agile
- Operational Excellence
- Software
- Coaching
- Creating High Performing Teams
- People Management
- Organisational Design
- Strategy
- Leadership
- Innovation
- Project Management
- Change Management
- Recruitment
- Outsourcing
- Executive & Leadership Coaching

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