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An expert in product research, innovation and new product development, Dr Chloe Sharp was the co-founder of the successful business, SnapOut now GrantUp. SnapOut was an innovation consultancy that offered grant writing and research services. Chloe offers advice on a new product development, strategies for products to market, how to market products and services to customers and users and using technology and process mapping for operational efficiencies.

My mentoring experience
I have been mentoring startups and SMEs for nearly three years to help them grow and succeed by working through challenges. I am ILM5 qualified and a member of the Association of Business Mentors.

I chose to be a mentor to help people find their own path to success, create the future of their business and stay accountable to plans to implement strategies.

How I can help your business
My knowledge of tools, frameworks and strategies to work out specific challenges can benefit you. In particular, business strategy, marketing strategy and product management strategy, to work through problems, along with my expertise and experience in these areas to guide you through solutions to your challenges. I have worked in the grants and tendering industry for many years and can provide advice for funding on your product.

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