Christopher Bassano

Senior Engineering Manager @ Reddit
5+ yoe in engineering management, 3 yoe software engineering, 2.5+ years project management
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Chris Bassano has spent the last five years in an Engineering Management capacity at Reddit. He went from IC -> Management by hiring and building a team around a feature that he developed, and now leads multiple engineering teams with independent charters.

Chris both manages an engineering team that owns the Reddit Ads API, and has other two managers/teams that report to him, Business Manager and Revenue Lifecycle (billing and payments, anti-fraud). Chris has experience in these domains: building a native ads platform from scratch, financial ledgers, financial reporting, payments integrations, owning external-facing apis, anti-fraud, operations & process management, billing, quote-to-cash, sales systems integrations (salesforce, netsuite).

Prior to his role as an EM, Chris was a hands-on full-stack software developer for several years. His work was mainly in Javascript/React and Python.

Before learning to code, Chris cut his teeth in project management during his tenure as a Project Manager at Epic Systems.

Chris' volunteer and side-hustle activities include mentorship and teaching. He taught coding to high-schoolers in SF for several semesters. He has acted as a job-search mentor to several Telegraph Track graduates, helping prepare resumes and help with interviewing skills. He has conducted hundreds of technical, behavioral, and managerial interviews in his current role, as well as on

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Coming from a non-technical background, Chris hustled nights and weekends to learn to code, and has since helped several others make career changes into technical domains.

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5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
1 month

Chris is awesome! He made a curated personal plan for me with a bunch of behavioral questions including tricky ones. He is also great at boosting people's confidence. Def recommended.

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5 out of 5 stars

Chris is amazing! He created a custom plan for me and gave me direct feedback to help me grow. We created a set of 30 verbal Behavioral questions and went over what Hiring managers look for in my answers. His experience as a Senior Manager speaks volumes about his leadership skills. Def recommend Chris!

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