Colwyn Sayers

Engineering Director
Engineering Director | Renewable Energy Development | Product Development | 15+ Years Experience
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I am an experienced Global Executive Leader who uses a strong technical background, organizational development skills and cross-functional collaboration, to deliver high-performing products and world class services to customers.
Much of my experience has been in the renewable energy sector where I have led cross-functional, technically diverse teams to deliver large Wind Turbines, refurbish Hydro Power equipment and optimize the efficiency, cost and quality of existing power generating equipment.
I have worked within the engineering and the Sourcing/Supply Chain functions in highly operational roles, always positively affecting the business’ bottom line.
Throughout my career I have had a consistent track record of improving business profitability through design innovation and process improvement. As an individual contributor, I have innovated to deliver more than $35MM of profitability to my business.
I have also lead teams that have worked to deliver more than $300MM of profitability to my business through design-to-cost projects, strategic sourcing, should-cost based negotiation, and advanced manufacturing programs.
I am extremely passionate about the mentoring and development of engineers and other technical experts. I am a servant leader first, and reward technical expertise, proactiveness, and customer focus, in all teams/organizations that I have led.

My Specialties Include:
• Management of cross-functional & technical organizations
• Value Engineering
• Design-to-Cost
• Wind Turbine Systems Engineering
• Organization Design & Strategy
• Supply Chain Strategy
• Design and manufacturing of Large Structures
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advocate

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