Craig Strong

CxO, Exec, Advisor, Strategist @ AMAZON(AWS), SKY (NOWTV), InsightSoftware, Pearson, Hargreaves Lansdown and More
20 years leading innovative, product-driven technology enabled companies
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Craig Strong is an award winning product and innovation leader, working at companies such a Amazon/AWS, Sky, NowTV, Pearson, Insight Software and more. Craig has hands on experience being a Chief Product and Technology Officer and an Enterprise Product Operating Model advisor, and has led global teams and businesses through high-growth and change. He has worked with hundreds of CxO's as a strategic advisor to help transform companies.

With over 20 years experience leading products, innovation teams and transforming businesses for growth and agility, he has worked with leaders, executives and boards at all organisational levels. He is passionate about customer-centricity and product driven cultures, driving top line growth and improving operational efficiencies.

His portfolio includes global enterprises and growth based scale-ups, holding senior roles at enterprises and high growth SME's/Sartups, VC and Private Equity Backed Companies. And he has successfully exited businesses.

He also co-authored The Lean Product Lifecycle, an award winning framework for corporate innovation and innovation culture and is a Forbes Technology Council Member.

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