Dariia Drobotko

Senior Javascript developer / Team Lead @ Capgemini
10 years experience in web development
Ukraine Active last week Usually responds in a day or two



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Many times I was confused when started to be a developer, especially being a woman in this profession, so now when I have more than 10 years of working in different roles and companies as a senior developer, here I am to help others.
My main specialization is front-end development. I've been working in large companies like eBay, Wix, etc, as well as in medium-sized companies, in different cities such as London, Berlin, and Kyiv.
In my roles as a senior developer and team lead role, mentoring and coaching were my daily work, it gave me a lot of pleasure and pride to observe how people are growing and improving, so now I would like to share all my knowledge with you as well.

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