Denis Kharchenko

Senior Product Designer @ Ramp Network
8+ years of experience in UI/UX for SAAS | From Junior to Senior
Poland Active 10 months ago


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👋 Hello! I'm a Senior Product Designer with more than 8 years experience running international projects for global SaaS companies in Marketing Automations, HR, WEB 3 and Digital Healthcare.

You’ll have hands on support from me. Together we will go through the questions you are interested in and find the best solutions to existing problems. After our sessions, you'll feel inspired and know exactly what to do next.

I can help you:
- Go through feedback session "a.k.a. Design Salami"
- Resolve UX/UI case
- Design an awesome portfolio
- Prepare for interviews, app critiques, etc.
- Develop in your current role

Looking forward to working with you!

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