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Dimitrios Mistriotis

Tech Lead @ Freelance
Will guide you to reach Python mastery, one line of code at a time.
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$350 / month

Aimed for people who need specific guidance either for programming and/or specifically for Python.

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I started my career as a vocational trainer, then continued as a developer and other roles including management, or being a technical co-founder. I believe that my core strength is the ability to coach people and get them to their next level of technical capability, whichever their starting point is. Up to now, I have taught and mentored students, colleagues, interns, team members.

Coding for more than 20 years, more than 5 in Python. Have used Python for a diverse number of fields, from general purpose programming, to web, data science as well as some traditional scripting. Have also worked in companies of different size, from tiny startups to the big-4 (Google). With this across the spectrum experience, I will assist you and help you shape your journey to Python mastery by creating a learning path suited to you, alongside a mix of understanding important concepts and language structures balanced with hands-on applications.

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