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Eloi Gerard

Founder & CEO @ E.N.D. Entertainment | ex Deloitte Consulting
Entrepreneur for 15+ Years in Europe, China and now USA. I created Film/Virtual Reality/Media Companies.
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Eloi is a serial Media & Advertising Entrepreneur, Producer, and Augmented and Virtual Reality influencer. He is currently the CEO/Founder of E.N.D. Entertainment, an XR Publishing Company based in Los Angeles.

Previously in Shanghai China, he founded CrowsNest XR, the International leader of XR for Marketing in China. He has produced the first-ever VR campaigns for major international brands such as Logitech, Hyatt, Peugeot, Club Med, Thomas Cook, Metro Cash & Carry, and Miele.

During his time in China, he founded the largest English-speaking community of XR Professionals in China: XR-Story. The mission of the community is to connect XR Chinese companies/studios with the rest of the world. Some major Chinese actors are Pico, DPVR, Tencent, Bytedance, Alibaba, Shadow Creator, nreal, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Madgaze, TCL, Insta360, etc… The international actors are Google, HTC, HP, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, Qualcomm, Unity, Samsung, etc…

Previously in his home country Belgium, Eloi produced the feature film “Cannibal” which premiered at Raindance in London and received many accolades.

During his career, his cinematic and commercial productions have been showcased at the likes of SXSW, IDFA, IFA Berlin, the Montreal World Film Festival, the Milan International Filmmaker Festival, and the Festival of International Virtual And Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS), and they have won honors from Beijing’s Golden Duo Awards, the Awareness Film Festival, the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, and Razorreel.

At the same time, Eloi has earned invitations to speak as an expert at numerous industry events, including the Sandbox Immersive Festival, TechCrunch Disrupt, IT&CM China and CTW China, and 4th VRCORE Developer Conference.

He has been interviewed by Reuters, CGTN, The Global Times, eMarketer, The Ghost Howls.

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