Ethan Gardner

Principal Engineer @ The Taunton Press
Technical leadership, full stack dev, web performance optimization.
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I'm a full stack developer and web performance professional with a Master's of Education. During my time as a team lead, I mentored my staff to level up their careers and skills. Now I want to provide that same service to others outside of my employer.

In my career that spans almost 20 years, I have worked on high-traffic applications and sites, mostly in the publishing and media industries, with additional experience in SaaS and award-winning ad agencies. I'm an expert in JavaScript, CSS, and general front-end development, but I work across the full stack, often writing microservices on the edge.

If you're someone who's making a role transition to development, a recent grad who wants help getting your first position or getting established in your first role, or an experienced developer who wants to learn new skills, I'd be happy to help you on your journey.



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