Ethan Halfhide

Founder/CEO @ Lean Discovery Group
5+ years as a startup founder and product manager
United States of America Active 8 months ago


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Ethan has over 5 years of experience as a product manager (PMC) and product owner (CSPO). He began his journey as a PM by starting a mobile fitness app for people with special medical conditions after college which got him acquihired by "The Elon Musk Of The Fitness Industry" and featured on Barbara Corcoran Shark Tank Podcast.

Ethan has a passion for making cool stuff and solving complex problems. Not only does he have experience managing projects in the software industry as well as outside, but he is also an entrepreneur that understands you. He has been a startup founder that understands how a business-minded person thinks and what their pain points are. - How will this impact my business? Will this plan help me to get to a better ROI faster? He can manage your project and your expectations. He will also be more than just the product manager, he will be an extension of how you run your business.

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