Francesco Trucchia

Engineering Manager @ Prima Assicurazioni
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After several years of consulting in Ideato (now, a company that I founded with two university colleagues and then sold (40 people and 2M turnover), I decided to embrace uncertainty and start a path of professional growth in the world of startups.

My first experience was as founder of the Oltre Tata project (, where in addition to being involved in the development of the platform, I mainly dealt with the business model, the growth engine and we arrived at have a community of 30,000 members. The project was then sold.

Then I landed in Soisy, a startup in the fintech world that is trying to revolutionize the world of loans between individuals. Here I specialized myself in creating simple software to govern complex domains, with the use of DDD, event driven design and an adaptive organization design. Now, as the company's tech leader, my job is to foster the growth of the tech team in order to deliver maximum value to our customers.

This long and fascinating journey in the world of startups has strengthened my ability to make companies and people evolve in times of great uncertainty and scarce resources and this is what I love most to do. Where there is a need to create teams capable of governing the life cycle of software that adapts to business needs, there is where I can offer my best contribution.

I have 20 years of entrepreneurial and technical experience and I have seen many successful projects and at the same time many projects fail. In addition to my technical skills, in the companies I work with, I bring all my soft skills and the ecosystem made up of skills, tools, methods and networks that I have built in these 20 years of experience.

My latest passion is to help companies develop the culture of "remote first", because I am sure that in order to position itself in the market today, a company must be ready to detach itself from the physical place. Today, good professionals, especially in the dev community, first choose where to live and then who to work with. Bringing distributed, even key, resources on board is and will be a competitive advantage for the next successful companies.


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