Gene Ishchuk

Product Owner @ G2A
5+ years of experience in PM | adtech & analytics focus
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Hi there!
I am here to help you move easier and quickier. Be it a transition into the world of tech or a helping hand whenever you are stuck with the product, your place in it or anything along these lines.
I have been there myself and to tell you the truth, transitions between fields are not easy, we both know it.
Given my webanalytics background I will be glad to assist you on the journey and help you meet your goals on a budget.

About me:
Product Manager with AdTech & Webanalytics experience (5+ years).
I am excited about continuous delivery, Jira and all things Scrum.

I have spent around 8 years in AdTech coming all the way down to the PM/PO position. The road, obviously, had its hardships as I had quite a number of projects / companies I worked on over the years just to keep the gears turning.
I am utterly frightened by complacency in whatever we talk about - life, products, hobbies.

Building products is a very enjoyable thing to do in life - its constant feedback loop can be pretty addictive and I don't think doing it for a living could turn out boring some day (or I am not there yet).

Over the last couple of years I ended up helping companies on their journeys to a more agile and robust M.O. so as of December 2021 I have made it official by becoming the Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I).

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