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Geronimo Ramos

Lead Product (UX/UI) Designer / Manager
Strong track record of landing mentees dream jobs
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$350 / month

For students, Jr-Mid Product/ Design folks, or anyone looking to improve their skills and career

2 calls per month (60min/call)

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My FREE Resources:
How to Apply for a Product (UX/UI) Design Job – 14 Effective Tips: http://bit.ly/3u6rDzm
How I'd break into UX/UI Now: https://bit.ly/3FONQV7

👋 Hello!!! I'm a Lead Product (UX/UI) Designer and Manager. I was formerly leading design at places like Full Harvest, Nava PBC, and Outdoorsy. I've also consulted with companies like Chime and IDEO.

I'm currently running my own design consultancy.

I have a strong track record of helping mentees land Product/ Design jobs at places like Airbnb, IDEO, Civic-tech, and more importantly - at places that are aligned with their values and passions.

As a mentee, you’ll have hands-on support from me. Our first call entails going through a career assessment. From there, I'll dive in with written notes and a structured plan. When you leave sessions, what steps to take next and why.

As a mentor, I can help you:
- Break into tech
- Navigate a career change into Product or UX/UI Design
- Design an awesome portfolio and interview presentation
- Prepare for interviews, whiteboard challenges, app critiques, etc.
- Develop in your current role and build a personal development plan

My approach is holistic, tailored to you, and above all collaborative. You’ll have a free introductory call to make sure my mentorship is the right fit!

I'm super passionate about helping people find clarity, confidence, and ease in their career journeys.

Let's connect!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/geronimocramos/

Other Reads:
Geronimo's Winding Career Path: https://jobs.washingtonpost.com/article/geronimo-s-winding-path/

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