Hannah Knowles

Head of Research @ WorkieTicket
10+ years experience as a UX Researcher
United Kingdom Active 2 months ago


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Hello, my names Hannah and I've been a UX Researcher for over 10 years. I first fell in love with research in Uni when I was told that I might not be creative enough to be a designer....

Well, I think I've been more creative in my past ten years than I ever was at Uni! A couple of years ago I was a little fed up of how UX Research was being ran within organisations so I set out to change that!

I specialise in:

- UX research methods
- UX research planning
- Setting up UX research studies

I'm a day to day researcher as well as a business owner. So I'm perfect for you if you are:

- Looking to break into UX research
- A small business running research
- A UX researcher looking to scale up skills

I only offer one coaching package but included you get:

- Unlimited access for Q&A
- Monthly study plan(Reading and resources)
- x1 video call

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