Ian Johnson

Co-founder and CEO @ Lasso
CEO, Founder, Ex-VP of Product and Principle Product Manager.
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$300 / month

Best suited for people who are new or finding their feet in product management.

3 calls per month

Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 3-4 days

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As the former Principal Product Manager at Flow.io (Acquired by Global-e for $500m), Product Marketing Lead at Accenture Interactive, VP of Product at Showtime Analytics & its joint venture with Alibaba Pictures, I have a proven track record for building and scaling products, teams, and companies. I am at my best when spending time with people who care deeply about their craft.

As your mentor, I can help you with the following:
- Assess your current Product Skill Set
- Assess your product strategy
- Create frameworks for building predictable outcomes with new product development.
- Come up with a personal development plan to expand your skills and advance your product career
- Build a powerful story that will get you hired
- Work on your storytelling and presentation skills
- Create a results-oriented resume and cover letter
- Prepare you for job interviews, whiteboard challenges, and take-home assignments
- Devise a job search strategy that will land you your dream job
- and much, much more.

My mentoring style is uplifting, supportive, and candid. If you have read "No Rules, Rules" I follow, provide feedback that is actionable at aims to assist.
If something is going well, I'll tell you so. If something needs to be improved, I'll show you how. As a result, you will leave our sessions feeling empowered, energized, and knowing exactly what to do next.

We will start with a 30-min introductory call to discuss your career goals and identify your strengths and areas needing work. Then, we will devise a structured plan tailored to you and your strengths. Next, we will set up a cadence for video calls to ensure your progress. Between video calls, we will have weekly check-ins via chat and email.

Here are what others I have worked with in the past have said about me

"Ian is a fantastic PM. He cares deeply about the work he does and the impact it has on users. He is rigorous in his pursuit of learning, understanding, and improving the ways in which products are created. This rigor, along with his ability to always keep an open mind, makes him an excellent product leader and a fantastic team member"
- Aislinn Kelly - Senior Product Designer @ Patreon

"I can't stress enough how lucky I feel to work on a team under Ian's product guidance. I have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing product managers over the years but I can safely say that Ian epitomizes the ideal person in the role. It's difficult to put one's finger on exactly what it is that makes something great, but in Ian's case, I feel that he strikes the perfect balance of having great vision and ideas, respecting but continuously challenging the status quo on the processes required to build great products, while keeping an upbeat personable attitude consistently.

- Aisling McCabe, Senior Software Engineer, Flow Commerce (Acquired)

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