Isaac Kargar

Co-Founder and CIO @ Resoniks
+10 years of experience in AI and Machine Learning | Data Scientist | MLOps | Self-Driving Cars & Robotics
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As a Co-founder and CIO at Resoniks, I bring over nine years of experience as a machine learning and robotics engineer to the table. I am passionate about developing and deploying machine learning and deep learning models and have worked on more than 20 different projects across a variety of domains, including computer vision, natural language processing, audio and speech recognition, self-driving cars, automation, stock market prediction, recommender systems, and telecommunications.

In my role, I was responsible for the company's overall software strategy and vision, and now more focused on R&D and machine learning as the team is growing. I am a technical person who learns about leadership and team management skills and is able to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive results and achieve our goals.

Technical Expertise:

Programming languages: Python, C++, and JavaScript.
Frameworks/Libraries: Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Docker, Kubernetes, Flask, FastAPI, MLOps, AWS, GCP, Airflow, MLflow, SageMaker, Terraform, Spark, Kafka, DBT, MongoDB, Neo4j, Postgres, ROS, Git.
Leadership skills: Strategic planning, team management, cross-functional collaboration, communication, problem-solving.

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