Ivan Iannaccone

Director of Product and Engineering @ Amazon.com
Make History! Build awesome products, nurture people and have fun
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I am a passionate and curious leader that loves problem solving, enabling teams and building awesome products. For the past two decades, I have traveled and worked around the globe, building teams, relationships and products. During my journey I have managed small and large teams and scaled organizations up or down to adapt to market and budget changes. I have covered roles in supporting products, customer escalations, quality, product management, infrastructure management and engineering. In the past 15 years I have managed Product, Engineering and UX at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AWS, Amazon and Google. I have built orgs from the ground up and hired and mentored tens of folks. I am particularly fascinated around how to motivate, build and engage with large and diverse teams and how to build and foster a sustainable and healthy culture.



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