Jahnavi Ghelani

Senior Product Analyst @ Mendix, Siemens
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At my workplace, I am making the business more data-driven by building a strong foundation of analytics capabilities and making data more approachable. I distill business Qs into analytics one, realize where analytics could make the most impact and dive deep into numbers to find the right story to tell.
As you can imagine, I've had to learn many skills along the way to be good at my job of lead product analyst of the R&D department. Now, I'm looking to pay it forward by sharing my learnings with you.
I began my career journey with a university major in Econometrics and have since, worked with data in India, Sweden, UK, Netherlands. I have enjoyed the designations of a market research consultant, business-IT alignment consultant, predictive modeling researcher, product analyst among others.
I look forward to connecting with you on the guidance you need.


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