Jamie Bridle

Brand Strategist / Art Director @ The Great Field
Two decades of experience in graphic design and building brands.
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Hi, I'm Jamie, I'm a brand strategist, art director, and founder of The Great Field, an independent design studio specializing in all things brand!

I've worked in-house, at the agency level, and everything in between. For the last eighteen years, I've been self-employed, which comes with its own interesting territory. Our craft has evolved over the decades, it had to in many ways, not only with the advent of technology but also with the shift in mindset towards a new set of values that define good design and, importantly, good business.

KPIs, metrics, and analytics are all key factors in determining whether a brand is indeed succeeding or losing the battle. We now live in a world where good design is centered around objectives, and rightfully so.

I've learned so much in the past decade, especially, that it feels like the right time to share my experience with others, in the hope that we continue to hold the role of the humble designer as one that people regard as a valuable asset in any profitable business.

When I'm not sitting at my desk I'm either producing electronic music under the guise of BlueAzure, surfing small waves, or being beasted by my two young daughters.

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Jamie has been a fantastic support and went over and above to accommodate my needs. I learnt so much and highly recommend Jamie

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