J Daniel Semrau

Chief Executive Officer @ Ternary Capital Group
C-Level Executive with 15+ years of experience within Fortune 25 organizations and startups.
United States of America Active this week
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I am the CEO of Ternary Capital Group. Our mission is to help companies that are building the future in Space Tech, Robotics, and FinTech. TGC also operates Validator Node networks and other crypto operations.

Currently, I am excited about actively building finclout.io – a Web3 retail investing platform/ DAO that incentivizes higher-quality content through moderation, curation, and syndication.

Previously, as the regional General Manager, I led the digital transformation program for Mercedes-Benz that introduced automated credit decisions for 11 markets across Asia on a multi-billion dollar portfolio. I also launched, led to profitability, and exited Tenqyu with the vision to build more healthy, engaging, and liveable cities.

I have lived and worked in 14+ countries and speak 3+ languages, not including programming languages.
I am also credited with Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (2003), and was a TV model in Japan.
I am passionate about liquidity, technology, venture building, Web3+, and applied AI



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