Jenny Xing
 Quick Responder

Software Engineer @ The New York Times

I am a software engineer turned career coach. I have a traditional Computer Science background, and have worked at both a startup and a large journalism company as a front-end engineer on both traditional product/engineering/design teams focused on growth and user features, as well web platform-like teams focused on maintenance and re-architecture of a large front-end codebase. I have previously worked as a TA and instructional associate at a large coding bootcamp, and I am currently a software engineering mentor at a career accelerator helping engineers prepare for all aspects of interviews for software engineering roles.

Stats about me:
- 3 years of internship/fellowship experience in bioinformatics and digital humanities + 4 years of industry experience
- attended over 10 hackathons as a student
- I went through a full job search for front-end software engineering roles in August 2020- I applied to 40 companies, half of which resulted in tech screens, and received two offers at well-known medium-sized tech companies.

List of technologies I have professional experience in:
- Languages: JavaScript · HTML · CSS · PHP · TypeScript
- Libraries/Frameworks: React/Redux · Apollo GraphQL · Emotion (CSS-in-JS) · Jest/Enzyme
- Tooling: Git · husky · Travis CI · Drone CI/CD · webpack · npm · yarn · babel · Prettier · ESLint

List of technical things I can help you with
- Pair program with you on web development projects
- Give you resources for anything related to front-end web development
- Teach you specific about the front-end ecosystem and the history of Javascript

List of non-technical things I can help you with:
- Creating a plan for learning web development
- Organize your learning and job search process
- Design and write your resume
- Conduct a mock interview from phone screen to on-site interviews
- Negotiate your salary
- Connect you to engineers, product managers, project managers, designers, data analysts at many companies
- Plan your your career using Design Thinking methods
- Find roles to apply your skills outside of the traditional tech industry

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