Jermaine Ward

UX Designer @ Questrade


 Responds in a week or more

I tutor individuals on UX design practices and I mentor in career pathways because there's so much information that goes around within the internet, but it rarely is individualized for a person's specific needs. I really want to see products and services that put their users at the forefront of technology and people becoming better because of their interest in the user's best experience.

My promise to you is to put your user experience through the process at my top priority for our sessions.

Services I provide:
- Design tutoring (Usability testing, user interviews, design challenges, ideation sessions)
- Design reviews (Heursitic analysis, UI, interaction design, content strategy)
- Career coaching (Choosing a portfolio project, case studies, storytelling, interview prep, goal setting, presentation skills, providing/receiving feedback)

My background:
I am one of the people who thought that going to college was going to determine what I want out of life. I took the change to learn UX at a bootcamp where I found the worked I've wanted to do but never had a name for. I noticed gaps in individuals who are honestly invested in the growth of people switching in the career and really helping others understand how to marry business, user and development goals. I've had great mentors help me bridge those gaps and I want to continue helping others to do the same.

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