Joe Holdcroft

Engineering Leadership Advisor
10+ years experience leading Software Engineering teams
United Kingdom Active 3 months ago


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Hey! I’m a seasoned software engineering leader with experience working in startups from founding team all the way to Series G, ~1,500 employees and a multi-billion dollar valuation.

I'm a strong believer in coaching, helping you arrive to answers on your own: it's empowering stuff! But I can also more directly mentor you to grow as a leader (or grow into leadership), advise and feedback on situations you're facing at work or act as a mock interviewer. I tend to work with folks in engineering leadership positions, or engineers looking to make the move into leadership positions. I'm particularly interested in challenges around hiring, culture, scaling, delivery and organisational structure.

If you have any questions to see if we might be a good fit, please do drop me a message!

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