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10+ years experience in strategy, product and entrepreneurship
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Are you trying to grow personally or professionally? Any struggles along your path? Have you noticed that being able to draw on a different perspective helps you move beyond any challenges and keep growing?

Having different perspectives and mental models to rely on is essential to growing personally and professionally. It allows you to see things other people don't see. It makes you create your own opportunities and deal with any challenge between you and your ambitions.

For the past 10+ years, I have been going through different phases of personal and professional growth myself. Part of that journey was to look at how I could apply different perspectives and mental models to keep growing and solve challenges along that growth path. This became my strength as I worked and connected with people, colleagues, clients, teams, entrepreneurs and leaders in multinational organisations.

During my career, I had the honour to start working in a management position relatively quickly, which required me to grow rapidly, personally and in my leadership role. It also allowed me to identify and pursue my passion. This has led me to pick up a senior product management role at a startup. For the past years, I have been combining my expertise and experiences as a creative entrepreneur, working with people in (product) strategy, product management, innovation, venture building and entrepreneurship.

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