Jorge Sierra

Product Director, Founder & Entrepreneur @ Resilia, ex-Nomada
10 years shifting product strategy | Helping product leaders do meaningful shit | B2B & SaaS Growth Expert
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Do you want to improve your product skills, focus on your strengths, learn how to automate and delegate to build yourself as an executive, product leader, or founder? going from nothing to something faster? experimenting and shipping value to users always focusing on what matters the most? Over ten years in the tech space mostly in B2B SaaS, I've navigated the challenges of product development, from startup founder to Director of Product. I didn’t know anything about products either but constantly moving and learning from failures, and from great mentors, I have had amazing progress on shipping amazing products at B2B and B2B2C, mostly B2B and SaaS product based companies in different countries.

For over two years now, I've been mentoring and offering advice, sharing the valuable lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur and an innovation passionate — both from my successes and my failures. And now, I'm excited to bring those lessons to you.

As your mentor, I offer a powerful framework for product management and leadership, rooted in my diverse experiences, from startups, corporates and unicorns. Whether you're a newcomer looking to transform into a product expert, a seasoned professional seeking guidance, or a product leader aiming for impactful strategies, I've got you covered. But it doesn't end there; I specialize in intertwining professional and personal growth. Excelling in your career goes hand in hand with personal development, creating a holistic approach that ensures you excel and remain exceptionally aware and focused.

Curiosity fuels innovation, and commitment to yourself drives success. Here are some key focus areas:
- Product Development Frameworks
- Product Development Basics
- Product Leadership
- Continuous Product Discovery
- Company-wide Product Presence
- Experimentation
- Stakeholder Management
- Innovation
- Team Performance
- Career Development
- SWOT, RiCE, Priority Management
- Personal Development Tools

I firmly believe that understanding your personal strengths, leveraging soft skills and psychology, combined with a deep understanding of the intricate Product role, transforms you into the mini CEO you aspire to be. Asking questions, embracing feedback, connecting with experts and stakeholders, and staying intensely user-centric are the keys to getting meaningful shit done!

I'm not just a mentor; I'm here to collaborate, to stand by your side, and to unlock your full potential. Ready to embark on this transformative journey together? Reach out—I'm Jorge Sierra, and I'm eagerly waiting to be your mentor.

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