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My name is Joe Quattrone and I am a Software Engineer specializing in Web Development. I've been a professional Software Engineer for 5+ years. I started my career in Finance, before quickly switching to programming shortly after my college graduation. I attended a Software Engineering bootcamp where I received great mentorship and tons of coding practice. I followed a blueprint my mentors laid out for me and distinguished myself from other job applicants. 10-months after writing my first line of code, I landed a job at a CyberSecurity startup called "Contrast Security" where I contributed to the flagship product.

By the end of my 3-year tenure at Contrast Security, I was the lead frontend developer and backend contributor for a team of 6 developers. Looking to advance my career, I obtained a position as a Senior Software Engineer at Capital One where I currently work. At Capital One, I develop and maintain a suite of mid-sized applications that are integral to the company's commercial line of business. As part of my daily responsibilities, I mentor early-career Engineers and find great fulfillment in aiding their career development. I have a reputation for providing excellent mentorship and the following feedback is from one of my mentees.

“Joe does a great job of breaking down complex problems into manageable steps and explains intricate details. This guidance has been invaluable in my growth. His impact on my growth as a software engineer cannot be overstated. His mentorship, expertise, and unwavering support has shaped me into a more knowledgeable and capable professional. I am grateful for his guidance which has empowered me to take on more and expand my skill set.”

If you’re looking to take your web development skills to the next level, sign up for mentorship from me! With over 5 years of experience as a software engineer, I’ve helped many early-career engineers grow their skills and distinguish themselves from other job applicants.

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Joe's ability to see potential in every situation and nurture it into something remarkable has been a guiding light. His mentorship has not just been about imparting knowledge; it has been a journey of shared exploration and discovery, thanks to his vibrant spirit and insightful guidance

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