Justin Washtell-Blaise

Principal AI Scientist @ Ieso Digital Health
AI / Machine Learning Expert with PhD and 12+ years industry experience.
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Hi, I've been working commercially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning R&D for a little bit over a decade now, within various domains including healthcare, finance, and AutoML (machine learning for the domain of machine learning!)

I have an MSc in Multidisciplinary Informatics and a PhD in Statistical Semantics - a branch of Natrual Language Processing (NLP) which laid the ground for some of the more recent deep learning developments that have given us ChatGPT.

I have a great love for getting inside a problem, coming up with robust principled solutions... and for helping other people to do the same! We all have different shaped minds, and working with another person to explore a seemingly difficult or abstract problem in a way that they are suddenly able to "get it" and then run with it, is extremely rewarding.

To that end I'm equally happy to communicate by voice, video, chat or email, with or without visual aids, with or without code, and with or without nerd references - whatever seems to work best for you!

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