Karlie Jessop

Executive Director @ Richmond Radford Ventures
GTM Advisor | Culture Champion | Founder Coach
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Karlie has 20 years of experience working in Sales, Marketing, Sales/Revenue Operations, and Customer Success for the "OGs" like Xerox and ADP, and almost 10 years of wins and learnings in the startup world as well. Her expertise is in B2B, and particularly solutions for the HR space. With a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Karlie is able to bring together strong commercial strategy and sound financial decisions, but also loves getting into the weeds to find the signals in the noise across the commercial function.

The problem I'm solving is that executive commercial hires (VPs/Heads of Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success) are really expensive and risky...and they typically don't work out or provide the impact & return that early stage CEOs and Founders are looking for, mainly because they're hired before a company is really ready. But, at the same time, that expertise is needed to grow the business and increase speed to revenue.

I help those Seed/Series A CEOs & Founders codify their commercial departments with things like:
- Strategy development - GTM / sales / lead gen / customer success strategy
- Commercial dashboarding & KPIs
- Tactics / projects:
+ Honing the ICP and value proposition to really clarify the problem the company solves
+ Establish the buyer persona and the buying process so that the messaging used in pitching and demos resonates and creates urgency and action
+ Coaching in the sales process so that deal velocity is increased
+ Lead generation messaging & tactics
+ Pitch & demo decks
+ Developing hiring profiles and processes for commercial hires
+ Compensation plans & policies

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Love the passion from Karlie! She also has a lot of experience and can solve the problem right on the point!!

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