Kax Uson

Head of Product @ Adevinta
Product Leader by day. Helping Product Managers & Product Leaders confidently grow in their careers by night.
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For people looking to get dedicated support and accountability from an experienced Product Leader.

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I'm a Product Leader with over 10+ years of experience building products for the marketplace/e-commerce industry, and working in startups and multi-national tech organizations. As a mentor, I work with:

💥 Product Managers who want to strengthen their toolkit, work effectively with their cross-functional peers, and make confident decisions about their products

💥 Product Leaders who want to build their leadership and people management toolkit to define a high-impact product/portfolio strategy for their company while growing a team of strong, future product leaders.

💥 Functional experts who want to learn how to influence decisions, strengthen relationships with complex senior stakeholders, and build their credibility and personal brand

In addition to my expertise in Product Management and Product Leadership I also am open to discuss career and personal development - tackling topics such as building confidence and battling impostor syndrome, story telling and public speaking, the power of saying NO and setting personal boundaries in all types of situations.

A typical collaboration with me begins with 1) understanding your career background and the challenges you face in your day to day and 2) defining a goal that we will work towards.

The collaboration is designed to deliver results and improvements by focusing on day-to-day situations that can create a space and the opportunity for you to pause, reflect, try new approaches, and act on the feedback you get.

Throughout my career in tech, I have held various roles - worked in both capacity as an Individual Contributor and Leader. I've launched high-impact products for both startups and multi-national tech organizations. And I currently lead a team of 12 Product Managers with varying levels of expertise and backgrounds.

I strongly advocate for simple and pragmatic product building that is enjoyable for all.

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