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This plan is tailored for non-technical founders that are building a digital product or service.

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Since beginning my career in technology back in 1999, I have evolved from being a software developer and architect working in gaming and media with NewsUK, then into the world of startups, first working for a startup in 2009 being a key part of its rapid growth to 100 people within 2 years, then co-founding my own startup in 2014. We grew that business with no external capital to 40+ people and built a SaaS product for publishers which then went on to sell for $45m in 2022.

I co-founded my second startup in 2021 which is focussed on data, analytics and AI.

Along side that I advise a number of startups and scale ups both as a NED as well as a one-to-one mentor, helping them master building products, technical strategy, building teams and setting up onshore/nearshore/offshore team structures.

I'm strong believer in lifelong learning and self development and have recently trained with the Flow Research Collective on achieving greater focus and productivity through flow.

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