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Kiara Thomas

Founder @ Konnectic Energy
Building Solid Foundations for Growth, Marketing, and Positioning
United States of America Active 2 months ago
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I love building and growing tech startups. I own and co-own a web agency, a startup studio, a startup accelerator, and a SaaS company. I began this journey into the tech space totally by mistake about 8 years ago when I started my web agency. (I'll tell you more about that on one of our calls. It was wild.) It's been a rollercoaster full of fast lessons (some of them hard learned) and beautiful encounters since then. I've picked up a ton of business development, tech innovation, and marketing skills along the way. Really the greatest lesson I learned was about myself. In truth, I love the thrill of the journey and impacting people for the better more than the actual destination. That's why I've started so many ongoing ventures. And that's why I'd love to help you. Before meeting you, I already believe you can make an impact on this world. I'll bet my time, network, and resources on it. Looking forward to connecting and helping you become a game-changer!

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