Krutik Parikh

Senior Software Developer @ Hp inc
5+ Years of Software Engineering in large enterprises
Canada Active 4 months ago


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πŸ‘‹ Hello, my name is Krutik!

I am a senior software engineer based in Canada working for Hp Inc, with more than five years of experience in software engineering.

Software development can be quite challenging! When I initially embarked on this journey, I did not clearly understand what I was doing. I scoured forums, Google, and Stack Overflow in search of answers, only to frequently come up empty-handed. However, after enduring considerable struggles, I eventually found someone who provided guidance and helped me navigate my career and software-related queries. Now, I'm eager to extend that same assistance to you!

Here's what you can expect from me
- Listen and understand your learning goals
- Design a development plan based on your learning goals
- Help you understand complex concepts
- Provide coding exercises
- Give quality code review feedback
- Help you when you are stuck
- Help building perfect resume
- Help you prepare for a coding interview
- Help you to target job search

Here is what I can help you with:
- Server-side development (NodeJS, NestJS, Express)
- Front-end development (React, Next.js)
- Mobile app development (React Native, Expo)
- Testing (unit, integration, E2E)
- Styling application (Tailwind, MUI)
- DevOps (Docker, Kubenetes, Serveless)
- Implementing Clean Code (Single responsibility)
- Design Patterns
- Productivity and Career Advice

I'm excited to be a part of your software engineering journey and help you navigate the path to success. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your career aspirations!

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